Speak Up Energy

About this blog

We’ve set up this blog to help make our ‘Speak Up Europe’ work in the field of EU energy & climate policy more interactive.

To begin with, we’ll use it to blog our cycle of three debates on EU energy policy. For practical purposes attendance is limited, but we want to use this blog to allow everyone to both contribute to and follow the discussion, so join in.

More About Us

The European Movement International (EMI), along with its ‘Europe in the World’ working group, continues to support the EU’s sustainable development strategies, particularly the EU’s efforts to provide a common framework to the energy and environmental policies.

During its last campaign “Speak up Europe”, coordinated by the EMI as part of the European Commission’s Plan D activities, the environment and energy emerged as topics of much concern to the European public. They are issues that citizens clearly want the EU to deal with in the future, being often associated with the EU as a global actor.

This blog provides an additional debating space to follow up on these “Speak up Europe” initiatives. It will be used at the beginning as an interactive web space for three debates focused on the EU energy policy, which the EMI is organising in association with ENEL and with the media support of EurActiv. These debates take place between the end of 2007 and the first half of 2008.

The aim of the debates is to promote the dialogue between stakeholders on topics such as renewable energies, energy efficiency, nuclear energy and liberalisation of the energy market. The main aim of this blog, on the other hand, is to involve the general public and to bridge its feedback to the stakeholders’ discussions.

In short: let the European citizens “speak up” about EU energy policy! We therefore look forward to receiving many contributions, and invite you join the debate!

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