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comby.jpgBruno Comby, the founder of Environmentalists for Nuclear Energy, propagates a radically pro-nuclear approach:
There is no major problem with nuclar power: It is clean, it takes very little things from the earth; it is safe, because a lot of money and attention is paid to safety; it is reliable, because it can provide the energy that our world needs; and it is ecological, above all, because it can solve the problem of global warming and provide the electricity and power that our world needs to replace the old oil and gas right now. (…) In fact, it is the only solution we have that solves both the problem of energy security, which is a major problem – we are running into a major energy crisis right now – and climate change.

Listen to the full interview with Bruno Comby here: comby.mp3

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  1. Hi,

    I do agree that the 70’s fear of nuclear energy, namely spreaded through cinema has started to deminish, however even if I don’t know about the subject it seems that its safety still cannot be guaranteed to be used at a large scale.
    With time and development of new techniques, it’s natural to become a common source of energy.
    But I do think that we should have already started to better explore the alternative/green energies, moreover, we should have already developed at a large scale, vehicles, appliances that are capable of using those energies, and why note capable of using more than one type of energy ?

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  3. Nuclear platns cannot get insurance, a nuclear accident could mean that a large part of society within moments loses all of their posessions. When 100 nuclear power plants have a risk of a major accident of 1 in 10000 years, that means a risk of 1 in 100 years of an economical and environmental catastrophy happening in your area 😉

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