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frassoni3.pngItalian Green MEP Monica Frassoni in an interview on the future of nuclear in Europe and in particular on the “nuclear renaissance” in the age of climate change:

In this debate, there is a lot of myth and a lot of lies, and this is a sort of whipped cream coming up. (…) First of all, it is absolutely not true that there are numerous nuclear power plants in construction or foreseen in Europe. (…) In the foreseeable future, there will not be an increase in the production of nuclear power, even if the dreams of those who want more nuclar power were realised.
It is very strange that we are talking about a new answer to climate change, to oil shortage, following a technology that not only is old, not only is costly, not only is difficult, but it is also a technology that is not that powerful, because it does not really answer to more than 17% of the electricity need at the global level.

Listen to the full interview with Monica Frassoni here (mp3; 7:30 min, 2 MB): frassoni.mp3

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  1. On energy issues, there are too many wishing to declare ‘myths’ and aspiring to give us the ‘facts’ in soundbites. This just prolongs and polarizes debates.

    There’s been an excellent article in National Geographic on nuclear’s being between promise and peril. It dates from the 70’s. Regarding nuclear, I’d like to hear from activists and regulators under what conditions the technology would be socially acceptable.

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