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Make ACER more acerate

The Commission has recently proposed, within the framework of the Third Energy Package, the establishment of an Agency for the cooperation of energy regulators (ACER) to advise the Commission, facilitate national regulators to cooperate and adopt individual decisions on cross-border issues. Here are some proposals to make the Agency more independent and efficient.

In order to carry out these tasks, according to the regulation proposed by Commission, the Agency shall comprise four bodies:
– an Administrative Board – composed of twelve members (six appointed by the Commission, and six by the Council) – shall bear planning and monitoring responsibilities;
– a Board of Regulators – having the same composition of the present ERGEG – shall exercise all the main regulatory responsibilities of the Agency, by providing the director with the relevant opinions and advice;
– a Director – appointed by the Administrative Board “on the basis of merit as well as skills and experience, from a list of at least two candidates proposed by the Commission, following a call for expression of interest” – shall exercise administrative responsibilities and formally adopts the opinions, recommendations and decisions of the Agency, subject to the assent of the Board of Regulators;
– a Board of Appeal – composed of six members and six alternates with relevant experience in the energy sector, who are appointed by the Administrative Board, on a proposal from the Commission, following a call for expression of interest – shall decide over the appeal against any agency decision addressed to the recurrent person.

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