Speak Up Energy

The Parliament:

  • “Calls on the Commission to put an end to regulated energy prices”;
  • “urges DG Competition to come up with a clear set of criteria to define what are energy intensive industries exposed to global competition and to use these criteria to assess the validity of special national energy regimes for energy intensive industries”;
  • “Proposes significant increases in the powers of Member State regulators, who should be fully independent of government and industry, and to harmonise their powers”;
  • “Urges the Commission and Member States to promote improved cooperation by Transmission System Operators (TSOs), especially in areas such as cross-border capacity allocation, transparency, intra-day markets, planning of grids and investments relevant to development of regional markets; asks the Commission to prepare, together with the TSOs, a European grid code”;
  • “Calls upon the Commission and the Member States to carefully assess whether new institutions like a European Centre for Energy Networks are needed to create a level-playing field, given the already significant number of existing institutions which could be built upon”;
  • “Calls on the Commission to analyse precisely the existing problems in granting planning permission at borders and to submit a report to the European Parliament; calls on the Member States to grant planning permission at borders within a period of four years from presentation of an application; adds that one possible way to achieve this might be the introduction of legislation, where necessary”.
  • From Claeys&Casteels

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