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At the Energy Council on 28 February, the Presidency concluded that a shared intention existed to reach a political agreement on the third liberalisation package at the June 6th Council, and this was endorsed by the EU’s Heads of State at the European Council. Two days prior to the June Energy Council, the European Parliament will vote on the Commission’s proposals, leaving the way clearly open to an agreement on the 6th.

Recent events have given a further impetus, including the competition law settlement with E.ON leading to ownership unbundling and the Commission’s new “non-paper” which outlines a further possible alternative on unbundling. Further competition policy developments in other cases being investigated by the Commission’s DG Competition are also expected before June.

Claeys & Casteels, in association with the European Energy Institute, is proud to present: “The Third Liberalisation Package: Towards an Agreement”, on 9 June 2008 in Brussels.

This major conference will give the first opportunity to hear from key Commission Officials, Energy Regulators and industry after the Council, to get a real understanding of the consequences of the decisions taken and the agreements reached. It will enable delegates to learn from key European Parliament figures on how they expect the next stage of the negotiations to develop.

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