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Internal Energy Market

European Parliament adopts opinion on the Commission’s Green Paper on a European Energy Policy, rejecting an immediate third liberalisation package, proposing binding targets for reducing carbon dioxide emissions and increasing the use of renewable energy sources.

Most importantly on this, the Parliament seems to disagree with the intention, already expressed by President Barroso and Commissioners Piebalgs and Kroes, to put forward a third Internal Market legislative package next year. The Report states that it “considers it appropriate that the possible expansion of the regulatory framework must be deferred and that, instead, the implementation of existing EC rules in the Member States must be accelerated; considers that additional regulatory measures such as full ownership unbundling should be considered only if the mechanisms envisaged in the existing legislation relating to the internal market prove ineffective in practice”.
Secondly, the Parliament seems to reject the idea of a European Regulator, at least at present: “calls on the Commission to prepare a review of the power and independence of national regulators and only afterwards to prepare a recommendation on the harmonised development of regulation on the internal stock market; considers that, before a European regulator is established, the areas of responsibility of Member State regulators should be harmonised in order to ensure greater consistency of action aimed at improving the way the market works”.


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