Speak Up Energy

Barroso: “An open and fair internal energy market is essential to ensure that the EU can rise to the challenges of climate change, increased import dependence and global competitiveness. This is about getting a better deal for consumers and business and making sure that third country companies respect our rules”.

Energy Commissioner Piebalgs: “We have moved a long way towards an internal energy market in the EU over the last 10 years. It is now time to complete this process and ensure that the benefits of this market are real, effective and available to each and every person and company. The EU now has to take the necessary steps to ensure that all its citizens can choose their own supplier and be sure that they are getting the best deal”.

Competition Commissioner Kroes: “The time has come for households and businesses to enjoy the full benefits of a competitive energy market in terms of choice of supplier and fairer prices. Today’s proposals would deliver these benefits”.

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