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“This dispute is of fundamental importance,” said the general secretary of the international trade union body UNI, Philip Jennings. “If the big postal groups don’t abide by the law [on social protection] after liberalisation of the postal market in the EU then a precedent will be set that could be followed in other states.” However, Francis Mary, director of France’s La Poste Brussels office told he “regretted that the debate on social clauses is being distorted”. “The original aim of these mechanisms was not at all protectionist,” he stressed, adding: “We need a social framework to avoid competition taking place purely on the basis of salary dumping.”

He thus particularly welcomed the inclusion of social provisions in the directive, adding that the final text, “compared to the Commission’s initial proposal, is a very positive compromise”. “Earlier, people were still talking about reducing the scope of the Universal Service Obligation or of not having any mechanisms in place for financing it […] These risks have been laid aside by the current text,” he said.

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