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Who regulates whom?

The plan suggests that TSOs draft a ‘compliance programme’ and appoint an ‘independent compliance officer’ to ensure that “discriminatory conduct is excluded” from the decisions of TSOs. TSO compliance programmes would be subject to the scrutiny of national regulatory authorites.But the independence of national regulatory authorities has been repeatedly called into question by proponents of unbundling, who say that newcomers are discriminated against by the regulators in favour of incumbent energy firms.The Commission has proposed more powers and greater independence for national regulators, along with the establishment of a new European agency to oversee compliance in national and cross-border energy exchanges. But the limited powers of the agency have come under scrutiny by European regulatory authorities, many of whom propose that an effective EU energy market cannot be created without a strong European regulator to police national authorities.

A strong EU regulator is not yet considered politically viable by the Commission, however.

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