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France and Germany respond

France and Germany will this week respond to the Commission’s proposals for further EU energy market liberalisation. The alternative plan would keep oversight of energy production and transmission firmly within national boundaries in an effort to allow large energy firms to cling to their assets. France and
Germany’s energy markets are controlled by a small number of large energy former state monopolies that simultaneously own and control large power generation plants and distribution networks (electricity grids). With the support of the French and German governments, these firms – E.ON, EDF, Vattenfall, RTE and EnBW – vehemently oppose the Commission’s latest plans to create further competition in the EU’s energy market through ownership ‘unbundling’, meaning breaking companies’ control over both power generation and distribution.

But other member states, who have already unbundled their energy sectors, including Spain, Italy and the
UK, are expected to oppose the Franco-German initiative.

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