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Increasing the power of ACER

The Commission has also included calls to strengthen the powers and independence of existing national regulators, who will be mandated to cooperate with one another.ERGEG and CEER, however, argue that “improved regulatory arrangements at national level, although of significant importance, will not, in themselves be sufficient to accelerate the process leading towards a single European energy market”.Philippe de Ladoucette, Chairman of the French Electricity Regulatory Commission, argued during the ITRE hearing that ACER “must be more than a simple advisory body” and called for increased powers, including possible scrutiny of the 10-year investment plans of TSOs.But the Commission faces at least two major obstacles to increasing the power of ACER. The first is political opposition by member states. “The option of setting up a single European regulator is premature at this stage and is likely to encounter strong resistance from a number of

States and stakeholders”, the Commission said in its impact assessment.

Second, the EU’s treaties do not permit the Commission to grant powers on an agency or other body that the Commission itself does not possess, Professor Antonio Napolitano of the

University of
Naples explained during the ITRE Committee hearing.

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