Speak Up Energy

In the Question and Answer session following the Speak Up Europe conference, Italy’s decision to phase out nuclear energy came under attack:

What do we have as a consequence? We have no more research in progressing that technology (…). We have no more engineers (…), so progress to avoid the dangers that everybody knows has basically stopped. We have to import all our energy. We are paying a very high price, and we have pollution. (…) I know that the Greens will get at me, but they are responsible for the mess that we are in now.

Hear responses from Enel’s Andrea Valcalda and Italian Green MEP Monica Frassoni in the video.

The real problem of what happened in my country was that the decision to abandon nuclear was not accompanied by a strategic decision to do something else. (…)

The fact is that nuclear is not relevant at global level in the sense that it answers to only 6% of global energy needs. We saw here that you would have to double the nuclear output if you wanted to solve ony one sixth of the problems in terms of reduction of emissions. And as you may know, (…) you would then run out of uranium very quickly.

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