Speak Up Energy

Setting the agenda

EurActiv Managing Editor Frédéric Simon, who moderated the first in a series of three Speak Up Energy Events, confronted listeners with a series of Very Big Numbers.

He set the scene for future climate change policies in Europe and elsewhere, but also for what was going to be a lively discussion on what the EU can and should do about global warning.

“Energy accounts for about 80% of all greenhouse gas emissions in the EU, so it’s really at the root of climate change. (…) The decarbonisation challenge is something that runs deeply into society, and it doesn’t necessarily mean rocket science when we talk about low-carbon technologies. Some of them are actually quite low-tech, if you think of insulations, which could make a very big difference in CO2 reduction.”

Frédéric Simon’s introduction (1.5 MB mp3) fred_simon.mp3

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