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Monica Frassoni, the Co-President of the Green Group in the European Parliament ,rides an attack against the term “low-carbon technologies” which, she says, mixes up a range of “virtuous and less virtuous” approaches, which are “not the same in terms of their capacity to tackle climate change”.

frassoni3.pngShe urges the Commission to give priority to those technologies that can deliver results within a fairly short amount of time, namely eco-efficiency and renewables. The Parliamentarian says that developing safer nuclear energy, so-called ‘clean coal’ and carbon capture and sequestration will take another 30 to 35 years to deliver – much longer than the world can wait.

With respect to the Commission’s energy package, Frassoni expresses concern that it will become “a fighting place for lower commitments of member states” and criticises that it takes transport into account only “in a very limited manner – thanks to heavy lobbying of car industries”.

MEP Monica Frassoni’s speech (2.8 MB mp3) frassoni.mp3

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  1. ECO-EFFICIENCY wins hands down!

    Congratulations to Monica Frassoni for advocating URGENT action on eco-efficiency!. There is no question about it: polluting Coal and Lignite are used everywhere and are crucial for many states’ survival! We can’t just suddenly ban them! BUT, just reducing their water and ash content will offer immediate benefits on both energy efficiency and CO2 emissions! THINK REALISTIC, ACHIEVABLE, ECO-EFFICIENCY!

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