Speak Up Energy

What’s the idea behind the Commission’s Strategic Energy Technology (SET) Plan, which was adopted last Thursday and will be discussed?

sabater3.pngWhat are the targets and what role can technology play? Is it really a field for community action, and do European carbon markets need to be reformed?

Iñigo Sabater from the Commission’s Energy and Transport Directorate-General sheds some light on how CO2 reduction may help the EU out of the dilemma of competitiveness, environmental targets and security of supply.

Many consider CO2 reduction targets as harming the competitiveness of our industry. In our view, the opposite is the case: it’s an opportunity.

But Sabater also spelt out some incovenient truths:

“We will still be creating huge amounts of emissions, even if we manage them well. (…) There is no market appetite for clean electricity, because it’s the same light that comes out of the bulb. (…)”

And this:

Oil has been slowing innovation.

Iñigo Sabater’s speech (7.4 MB mp3) sabater_i.mp3

Iñigo Sabater’s PowerPoint presentation (250 kB pdf)

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