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Decarbonize radically!


Stephan Singer from the Brussels office of the World Wildlife Fund surprisingly backs European Commission President José Manuel Barroso in arguing that climate change protection is the most likely candidate for a European project that could actually create passion with citizens throughout the continent.

Singer urges the EU to take radically decarbonize by bringing CO2 emissions down to zero by mid-century. In addition, he says, the EU should support global effors for equity and fairness. such as combatting deforetation and helping ohter countries throughout the world to decarbonize themselves.

Stephan Singer’s speech (4.3 MB mp3) singer.mp3

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  1. How to stop the massive deforstations in Romania without an energic intervention of the European Commission? The local authorities are overwhelmed by the very potent financial groups. The interest prevails, the future is for “others”. Corneliu Zeana

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