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Podcast: Monica Frassoni, MEP

Eight minute interview with Monica Frassoni, MEP and Co-President of the GREENS/EFA Group in the European Parliament.


Mrs Frassoni draws a clear distinction between different forms of ‘low carbon’ technology, taking issue with the term itself:

“When you talk about nuclear and clean coal, you are not talking about renewables, and you are not talking about effective ways to deal with climate change, and our dependency on fossil fuels … The idea of ‘low carbon’ as a title is already tricky.”

She ‘absolutely agreed’ with Enel’s point regarding the need for a stable regulatory environment:

“The message of the decision-makers, of the legislation, of the incentives… must be clear. If we say ‘well, we may finance solar energy … or improve nuclear, and perhaps clean coal‘, then the message to investors is very ambiguous and doesn’t really help. The regulatory framework must be very clear.”

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