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Customers will also benefit from a new Energy Customers’ Charter to be launched in 2008. This will include measures to address fuel poverty, information for customers to choose a supplier and supply options, actions to lower red tape when changing energy suppliers and to protect citizens from unfair selling practises. A separate information campaign will inform customers of their rights.

The proposed package of measures was anticipated in the Commission’s Energy Policy for Europe which was endorsed by the European Council in March 2007. This set out the need for the EU to draw up a new energy path towards a more secure, sustainable and low-carbon economy, for the benefit of all citizens. Fully competitive markets are an essential pre-requisite to reaching this goal. From 1 July 2007, citizens across the EU already have a right to choose their supplier. The new package aims to ensure that all suppliers fulfil high standards of service, sustainability and security.

The Commission’s proposals for the internal energy market are an integral part of the Lisbon Strategy and the EU’s energy strategy and will be discussed among Heads of State and Government at their regular Summits.

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